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Advice from a Full Sail Graduate

Advice From a Full Sail Graduate icon As a graduate of the Film program, I'm often asked questions about the school. This article addresses the most common questions, looks at the pros and cons of Full Sail, and suggests ways to help develop a successful career regardless of which degree program you're interested in (or even which school you end up attending).


Táve Corporation

Táve Corporation After 9 years of various efforts to get Táve off the ground, the day is finally here. We're putting the finishing touches on a customer relationship management and business tracking system for photographers. It originally started as a Mac application, but is now a powerful Web 2.0 application called Táve Studio Manager.
Photography by The Wedding Couple

The Wedding Couple Photography

Karen and my wedding photography company is opening an office in Coral Springs! Read more in the blog.
Ziemkowski Wedding

Ani L'Dodi v'Dodi Li

I'm a married man! We'll be posting more photos on the wedding site as they become available.

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2002 > Lissa > Alone
2003 > Butterflies > Tree Moths (Horizontal)
2001 > Full Sail - Lighting > Electric Erik
2002 > Jessica Park > Cool
2003 > Erin > Dark Forest
2002 > Lissa > Looking Forward

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04/10 > Jessica Park > Cool
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2004/03/31 Harvest Thyme Cafe TV Commercial, WGFL, Network
2004/03/17 UF Bookstore TV Commercial, WGFL, Network
2004/03/06 Media Auction 2004 TV, WGFL, Network & Cable, LIVE!
2004/02/23 Gloves for Kids PSA TV Commercial, WGFL, Network
2004/02/20 Martin Appliances, Bear Hug TV Commercial, WGFL, Network
2004/02/12 The Salvation Army, Generic TV Commercial, WGFL, Network
2004/02/04 National Donor Day Blood Drive TV Commercial, Saturn & LifeSouth, Network

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